Trademark Registration

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  • Trademark Application drafting
  • Authorization letter drafting
  • Trademark Class research
  • Application filing before Controller of TM
  • Acknowledge and Future to Do list for you

Trademark Registration

What is a Trademark Registration in India?

A trademark can be defined as the registered identity of a brand. Such an identity states the unique individuality and distinctiveness of a brand. This Trademark denotes the source of origin of a particular product or service.

This unique identification helps a trademark owner to distinguish the image for his product or service from other similar products or services coming from different sources.

This identity can be formed in the form of a word, symbol, logo, graphics, photograph, sound, or even smell. It helps customers to be aware of the source of a particular product or service. Hence, trademark registration in India helps in brand recognition, goodwill building, and customer retention for any business.

One can have trademark registration online. Online Trademark Registration can be easily carried out with the help of best in industry professionals of enterslice.

Who can apply for Trademark registration in India?

There is no restriction for anyone to apply for trademark registration in India which is as follow-

What are the Different Trademark Symbols?

If you are filing the trademark registration online application, the following can be the brand status.

What is the validity of the Trademark Registration Certificate?

The usual trademark approval usually takes about 6 to 18 months. The validity of the trademark registration term in India is 10 years.

What is Trademark Rectification in India?

After Trademark registration online, the Trademark rectification process allows you to modify or rectify the earlier filled Application. Trademark rectification can also be filed in the following case if –

There is an ample number of benefits that are embedded with the Trademark registration in India. The advantages of logo registration or Trademark or Brand registration are as follow-

Legal Protection

The proprietor of a registered trademark is allowed to take action or sue for loss or damages caused by any third party by infringement of Trademark.

Brand Value

Trademark registration creates the intellectual property of a company; trade is an intangible for a company. A registered trademark can be sold or can franchise, or licensed to generate revenue.


Customer prefers to buy product or services from a brand or company whose Trademark is registered. The customer feels secure about the reliability of the brand.

International trademark registration

If you wish to register your Trademark in other countries then based on approval of Trademark registration in India, you can apply in other countries. This helps you to recognize and promote your product or services globally.

Allowed Use of ® Symbol

After the Trademark is registered, the proprietor of the brand is allowed to use ® on your logo.

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