Refund Policy

Refund Policy

We ensure you that all the services, being best in the Industry upto maximum extent that is possible and at extremely reasonable and affordable rates, you are going to avail from our website shall be provided with a view to provide you, the full satisfaction.

However, if any situation arise, where you find any problem in availing any service or getting dissatisfied due to any other reason mutually agreed upon, because of which you desire to have refund of your money, you may avail so, subject to the reasons covered under the following criterion:

First: when you have paid for availing any service, which you don’t desire to avail thereafter.

Second: if there is any delay beyond the stipulated & mutually agreed time in providing the services you have asked for from our side, that may be due to human error i.e., factors for which we shall be solely responsible.

Third: if you find yourself unsatisfied for the services you availed from us, which, however, comes under the skeptical vision as we provide our services in the  best, affluent and efficient manner as best as possible.

On falling in all or any of the above mentioned three situations, kindly allow us to have an e-mail on the Ticket that has been raised in your name, sending a copy to

For a better clarification, we would like to reveal you about the refund policy that the professional fee out of the entire fund paid by you for availing any service shall be regarded as the amount that can be refunded if desired so.

Thereafter, the request for the refund, if to be proceeded or not depending upon the contingent reasons which if fall under the pre-decided criterion or not, shall be decided by the Senior Management at kbng on making profound analysis for the same upon receiving your mail.

We also clarify that we shall not be responsible for any delay caused because of the acts which are not in the control of our hands, the list of such acts is inclusive that implies that the matter stated in it is not limited upto this extent only, impliedly it’s not having the exclusive matter, few of which are mentioned hereunder; department holidays, national holidays, delays on the part of the Government of India or of any other respective State Governments, Our affiliates, war, acts of God, earthquake, riot, sabotage, labour shortage or dispute, Technical default like internet interruption, power disruption, bad phone network connectivity and other technical failures like breakage of sea cable, hacking, piracy etc.

Upon confirming your request for refund, if did so, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein or elsewhere for the same, we shall ask for the relevant information required for making such refund possible via an e-mail, viz. Bank details, including account number and the IFS code of the same.

Please note that it shall take at least 48-72 working hours for processing for the refund from the date of receipt of all required information provided by you for the same, therefore please be patient & hold on faith.

We hereby enlightening you once again that only the professional fees paid for availing any services out of the entire fund paid by you for the same shall be refunded, subject to the discretion of the Senior Management at

We assure you further that we are consistently working upon ourselves to make our services better therefore, we are pleased to welcome everybody to make any kind of recommendations or suggestions for our betterment from their end. For any other further information or queries you may contact us at our customer service desk at

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