Corporate Tax Advisory Services

Package Inclusion :

  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Direct Tax (Cross Border transaction)
  • Indirect taxes
  • General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR)
  • Advise on Repatriation strategies

Corporate Tax Advisory Services

What is Corporate Tax Advisory Services?

Tax always come into picture in almost in every stage of business. Thus to avoid uncertain losses related to tax, it is necessary to take advice before conducting a business transaction. Hence it’s better to do tax planning in advance to mitigate the risk.

Though our traditional international tax services, we can develop a method which will enable to focus on helping the business leaders to make informed tax decisions, to implement improvement which will help to manage the tax affairs to support the business operations and address the risk associated with non-compliance.

We provide the Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory Services which include the following:

Tax Compliance Services:

Our Tax compliance provides efficient ways to handle tax compliance workload and also meeting the deadlines

1. Direct Tax:

2. Indirect taxes:

Tax Advisory Services include then following:

Support to the Startup : Provide assistance to the startups and new formed businesses with regard to advice on evaluating the growth plans, facilitate regulatory compliances, creating and developing internal policies and systems

Tax Data Integration: Assist the organization in mapping policies and standards, design solutions and data model workflow on finance, accounting, taxation management tools including SAP, oracle. We will also help to define, collate, deploy and administer tax information as per specific product or industry.

Implication of tax on change in business strategy and special transactions: Assist the business to stay updated with the continuously changing tax regulations, incentives and methodologies for direct and indirect taxes. Also provide support in large scale transformation projects including mergers and acquisitions, globalized diversification plan, operational changes and special transactions.

Tax management, consulting and technological solutions: Provide an integrated approach towards improvement of process which can help to manage the tax department which will add a value to take strategic decision. Design and implement the tax process, technologies and resource model to improve value added activities in process design, software implementation and enhancement, tax sensitized technologies and change management.

Potential Issues :

Key Services provided by us:


Furthermore we have assisted several large multinationals in establishing their presence in India through the country’s ever evolving tax and regulatory framework. Apart from this we have also advised private equity investors and other leading Indian Investors in mergers, acquisitions, complex tax regulatory issues, corporate and capital restructuring, technical collaborations, cross border taxations.

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