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Term sheet

What is Term Sheet & How it is Important?

A term sheet may likewise be referred as a letter of intent, an MOU i.e. memorandum of understanding. The first round of speculation from a financial investor is known as a Series a Term Sheet. Every round of investment has its own terms & conditions and these terms define a business seeking outside capital funding. The label isn't imperative, and regarding their structure and drafting they set out the key business and legitimate terms in regard to a proposed transaction.

In spite of the fact that investment term sheets are not merely legal binding but evidence to them, they simply confirm that once something has concurred in a investment term sheet, it might be troublesome for either side to renegotiate. Regardless of whether renegotiation is possible, you might be compelled to concede other matter of the deal which is essential to you. A renegotiation may even affect the mutual understanding of the parties. Investment Term Sheet are essential for both the financial investors &founders for various reasons, and you ought to take a lawful guidance before you sign them.

What are the key factors of the investment term sheet?

What must an Investment Term Sheet include for investing in a startup?

Before signing into a Investment Term Sheet, you ought to choose whether the document is authoritative, partially official or not official by any means. As an organizer, you should be careful about restricting commitments that prejudice your capacity to work with different financial specialists for a long time period and be more careful about an investor who imposes a penalty on you if for any reasons the terms of the letter are ruptured. If you are willing to get a formal legal advice on drafting a Investment Term Sheet, you may contact any member of our team. Let’s have a look at the following points with respect to an term sheet while investing in a startup:-

Point to remember that Investment Term Sheet are non-binding which implies that they are only a method for moving along the procedure of negotiation with certain terms & conditions that open up the agreement for discussion. An Investment Term Sheet is basically a declaration of intent and not to be understood as an official understanding apart from the Confidentiality inside it.

What Are The Key Points On Which A Founder Must Review in Investment Term Sheet?

Kind of Shares and the Option

The funding financial investor tends to get into a preferred class of shares, and these offers appropriate rights that are not offered by founders and others like employees. Specifying the rights is a normal practice as the investment is made based on the company’s risk profile & valuation at that specific time.


This segment considers the agreed valuation of the company preceding the new money implantation. It is to decide the cost per offer to be paid by the investors. Most of the times, investors avoid the full investment, rather that they prefer to invest in trenches i.e. stages that are liable to finish particular milestones. Inability to meet the milestone does not naturally means that the investor will abandon the deal, it may mean that he might be looking for different terms for those amounts.


Investors usually invest in startup companies to realize the best ROI on their investment. This portion of the Investment Term Sheet traces what investors need to do with the profits they get from the success of the organization – either re-contributing or simply taking them as installment.


This portion of Investment Term Sheet characterizes the liquidation inclinations of the investors; in the case if an organization is liquidated for some unknown reasons. Favored investors ordinarily get a specific measure of the returns previously than another investor. But the structure and procedures of the liquidation are consulted to understand the risk in every investment process. The more the risk is, the more will be the required return.

Originator Shares

The senior employees, management, founders, and others who are responsible for the company growth are the main to take the decision for the investors who are ready to plunk cash down. Consequently, the investors are the key players who always stay connected with the plan and deal, so this portion of the investment term sheet provides the terms for the founder. There are numerous other terms including recovery, anti-dilution, transformation, voting rights, and other different insurances composed into most Series a term sheets for both the investor as well as the founder. It's imperative to work with an accomplished legal advisor who can clarify the deal and documents in English and can make sure that you comprehend all the terms before you sign.

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