FSSAI Registration

Package Inclusion :

  • Eligibility Consultation
  • Application Drafting
  • Product Category Consulting
  • Online Application Submission
  • Follow-up With FSSAI Department
  • 14 Digit FSSAI License No.
  • FSSAI Renewal Reminder

FSSAI Registration

What is an FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.It is the apex body for the FSSAI Registration and Licensing of food business operators (FBO) in India.

The FSSAI is an autonomous organization constituted under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.It was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

FSSAI Registration is mandatory compliance for all types of food business operators in India. It is compulsory to obtain an FSSAI registration before commencing any food business operation in the country.

The FSSAI provides a 14 digit registration or license number to the food operators to create an accountability for quality standards of food products. The registration compliance is divided into basic FSSAI registration and FSSAI license category.

The basic Registration category differs from a License category in terms of size and nature of business operations. The parties should obtain the applicable compliance before commencing the business operations.

Who Should Obtain FSSAI Registration?

The following individuals or entities are eligible for an FSSAI Registration or License

FSSAI Registration/ License Types

The food business operators will be provided a 14 digit number by FSSAI after successful completion of the registration process.The FSSAI Registration has been divided into 3 categories based on criteria of business turnover.

There is an another criteria for obtaining registration or license.This criteria is based upon the production capacity of the food business unit irrespective of the turnover of the business.

Food Processing Units,Slaughtering Units,Meat processing Units are alotted their registration or license based on the latter criteria.

Procedure for FSSAI Registration

For Basic Registration from FSSAI

For an FSSAI License

Statutory Fees

Penalty for Non-Compliance

The food business operators are compelled to follow the standards prescribed by FSSAI about the operations of food businesses. Any failure to following the guidelines established by FSSSAI can attract FBO to be liable for a penalty.



Penalty for sub-standard food.

Up to 5 lakh INR

Penalty for misbranded food

Up to 3 lakh INR

Penalty for misleading advertisement

10 lakh

Penalty for Food containing extraneous matter

1 lakh

Food quality not in compliance with act

2 Lakh

Petty manufacturer – 25,000

Penalty for failure to comply with the directions of Food Safety Officer

2 lakh INR

Penalty for unhygienic or unsanitary processing or manufacturing of food

1 lakh INR

Documents required for FSSAI Registration

For Obtaining an FSSAI Basic Registration
  • Photo Identity of FBO
  • Pan card of FBO
  • Supporting Documents (if any):- NOC by Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC
  • Declaration about the Business details in Form A
  • Proof of possession of business premises
  • Certificate of Incorporation /Partnership deed / Articles of Association etc
For Obtaining An FSSAI State & Central License
  • Form-B Duly completed and signed
  • Blueprint/layout plan of the processing unit (Manufacturing and processing unit only)
  • List of Directors / Partners / Proprietor / Executive Members with contact details and photo ID (Companies only)
  • Details of the machinery to use for operations (Manufacturing and processing unit only)
  • List of Food categories to be manufactured (Manufacturing unit only)
  • Authority letter from the manufacturer in favor of the nominated person with authority
  • Analysis report of water to be used in the manufacturing of food items (For Manufacturing and processing units)
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • Partnership Deed/Affidavit of Proprietorship/MOA /Incorporation
  • Copy of certificate obtained under the Coop Act (Co-operatives only)
  • NOC & Copy of License from the manufacturer (For relabelers and repackers only)
  • Food Safety Management System plan and Recall Plan (If applicable)
  • Source of milk and meat (If applicable)
  • NOCs from Municipality or local body
  • Certificate provided by the Ministry of Tourism (HRACC). (Mandatory for Hotel Only)
  • Form IX
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