Registration of Mutual Fund with SEBI

Package Inclusion :

  • Formation of Mutual fund company
  • Review of Documents with the directors of the company
  • Business plan for 5 years
  • Mutual fund product plan & Risk assessment
  • Advisory on Application before the SEBI Board

Registration of Mutual Fund with SEBI

What is Registration of Mutual Fund with SEBI?

Procedure for Mutual Funds Registered with SEBI

An application for mutual funds registered with sebi shall be made to the Board (SEBI) in Form Aby the sponsor along with the non-refundable fee of INR 5 lakh.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant has to fulfil the following criteria for grant of a certificate of registration in the process.

The sponsor should have a sound track record and general reputation of fairness andintegrity in all his business transactions.

Explanation: For the purposes of this clause "sound track record" shall mean thesponsor should

In the case of an existing mutual fund, such fund is in the form of a trust and thetrust deed has been approved by the SEBI;

The sponsor has contributed or contributes at least 40% to the net worth of the asset management company,

Provided that any person who holds 40% or more of the net worth of an assetmanagement company shall be deemed to be a sponsor and will be required to fulfil the eligibility criteria specified in these regulations;

SEBI may register the mutual fund on receipt of all the information and accordingly decide to grant acertificate of registration in Form B subject to the payment of registration fees of INR 25 lakh.

A mutual fund shall pay before the 15th April each year an annual fee as specified under for every financial year from the year following the year of registration

Average Assets under Management (AAUM) as on 31 March Annual Fee
AAUM up to INR 10,000 crore 0.0015% of the AAUM
Part of AAUM above INR 10, 000 crore 0.0010% of the portion of AAUM in excess of INR 10,000 crore

Subject to a minimum of INR 2, 50,000 and a Maximum of INR 1, 00, 00,000.

Where the sponsor does not satisfy the eligibility criteria SEBI may reject the application and inform the applicant of the same.

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