Extended Producer Responsibility

Package Inclusion :

  • Application Submission to EPR authorization for Producer
  • Renewal of EPR authorization for Producer
  • Application to EPR authorization for Manufacturer
  • Renewal of EPR authorization for Manufacturer
  • Complete Documentation
  • Timely Follow Ups

Extended Producer Responsibility

How can we help you for Extended Producer Responsibility?

Our services include the following:

How do we work for you?

Although we work much more than this, to the brief we shall initiate your assignment in the following manner for EPR registration:

  1. Bank Transfer- NEFT/IMPS
  2. M Swipe (Credit/Debit Card)
  3. Paytm or Razorpay

Procedure for Seeking Grant of Extended Producer Responsibility Authorization and Registration for Handling E-Wastes

EPR-Authorization Process: (FOR PRODUCERS)

The validity of the EPR authorization

The EPR-Authorization shall be valid initially for a period of five years.

Renewal of EPR Authorization: (FOR PRODUCERS)

EPR-Authorization Process: (FOR Manufacturer)

The process for the EPR-Authorization is same as that for the producer with minute changes as given below:

Renewal of EPR Authorization: (FOR Manufacturer)

Renewal procedure is also the same as that of the producer. The manufacturer must take all steps to comply with the conditions specified in the Extended Producer Responsibility authorization in India;

What Is The Procedure For Registration With State Pollution Control Board?

Procedure for grant of registration is as follows:


An application for the purpose of renewal of registration shall be made in Form - 4 before sixty days of its expiry.

For the purpose of renewal the following documents are required to be submitted:

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