Strategic Planning Services

Package Inclusion :

  • Formulation of Clear Strategy for Operation
  • Organizational Design
  • Service Program Design
  • Business plan Assistance
  • International Structuring
  • Budgeting & Variance Analysis

Strategic Planning Services

What Is a Strategic Plan and Why Does Your company Need One Business plan?

In order to prepare a strategic plan, the first step is to finalize a business plan. Business plan is considered to be a written statement of an entrepreneurial vision. A good business plan is deemed to be a roadmap for the organization.

It contains a definition of the business model, the product/service, goal set-up, competitor’s analysis, market analysis, financial projections and detailed report of business activity.

Key areas of a Business Plan

Why is there a requirement of a business plan?

Thus, for an organization to function more efficiently a plan, goal, vision is needed which can be obtained by a business plan.

It is a set of prospects that can be achieved if planning is appropriate and APT.

Business Plan Review

If you have prepared a basic business Plan, but would want a professional to review by an expert before meeting investor so that we can amend and update it appropriately, let us know. Our professional team will review and advise on additional working that is required to be included in a business plan based on the target market a plan.

Building a new Business Plan

If you wish to raise fund in millions, you must need a full proof business plan. We develop a business which increases the chance of funding by 50% and we train startups founders to learn the business what they are doing. We begin with meeting all founders and senior management team on the overall plan. We do market research about your company, your product/ service, your industry and your competition to develop a full proof business plan. We boost the plan projected financials, revenue forecast based on service available market for your product/service, cash flow, investment offerings, Fund flow, margin analysis, ratio analysis, Purchase plan by product segment and finalizing human resource need for your business in long run, industry analysis to ratify various business statement.

What Corporate Planning & Organization Structure?

Corporate planning is considered to be a strategic tool to set the long-term goals and to meet objectives for the business growth and productivity. These are thus strategic plans which help in streamlining the operations and achieve the goals. It is a systematic process of determining the goals to be achieved in the future course of action. The management fundamental planning about future economy, technology and competition are the main focus of the corporate planning.

The corporate structure is referred to be the hierarchy of the organization which implicates the working of the corporate in the organizational structure. Thus corporate planning and structure focuses on formulating, monitoring, implementing the operational plans to achieve objectives.

Why is corporate planning and structure important for organization?

Thus, corporate planning and structure helps small businesses to pursue the future strategies and ways to implement it.

For forecasting financial results, projected revenues, expenses and profits of the company, strategic planning etc. are needed. The owner of the company prepares corporate plans and structure for long-range capital plan, and various other functions of the organization that needs to be undertaken.

How Forecasting & Sensitivity Analysis is useful for a Business?

One of the most challenging aspects of a business plan is financial projections. If we intended to present the business plan to a group of investors, we have to explain them with numbers. As the investors are focused on the profitability of the company.

The challenge is creating financial projections and forecasting the growth and future of the organization. Whereas the sensitivity analysis is a way to predict the outcome of a decision if a situation turns out to be different compared to the key prediction(s). It is very useful when attempting to determine the impact of actual outcome of a particular variable will have it differs from what was previously assumed.

Why is forecasting and sensitivity analysis important?

Forecasting plays a pivotal role in the operations of the modern management. It is an important and necessary aid to planning and effective operations.

The importance of sensitivity analysis is:

What is International Structuring? How it benefits to MNC?

MNC’s are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments.

Therefore, to understand the impact of these business operations and transactions plays a vital role in company’s success. Thus, we shall help in structuring the business, both locally and globally in the process of international structuring process.

When international structuring is required?

International structuring is required when the organization is planning the cross- border acquisitions, disposals etc. When the organization needs to repatriate profits and manage circulation of cash within the group, or in case to reinvest it.
It helps in analyzing and understanding the problem area.
When an organization needs advice on tax when organizing a group of companies.
When intellectual property and intangible assets needs to be managed.

Our framework of International structuring includes:

Inbound and outbound structuring

Why Is It Important for a Company to prepare a Budget?

One of the most important aspect in strategic planning is the budgeting function is planning how to raise funds, whether being venture capital, PE funding, IPO etc. The budgeting system allows to forecast the future costing and evaluating the investors and lenders. This comes with a sound planning of the budgets and various resources deployment through this. For this the budgeting analysis is required.

Importance of Budgeting analysis is:

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