EPC Projects, O&M Accounting & Administration

Package Inclusion :

  • Daily Accounting
  • Petty Cash Handling
  • Budgeting and Cash-flow
  • Cash Book / Bank Book Reconciliation
  • Daily Status Reports
  • Local Procurement
  • Administrative Works
  • Logistical Works

EPC Projects, O&M Accounting & Administration

What is EPC / Projects / O&M Accounting?

Are your suppliers getting their payments in time and sending supplies as and when required? Are you facing challenges of missing / lack of Accounting documents at sites which delays your payment processing? Whether it is your EPC / Project site or O&M site let our On-Site Accountant work with all hassles and complete your accounting in hours.

What we do in EPC / Projects / O&M Accounting?

We deploy our accountants at sites who are well versed with the site operations / challenges and help completing all documents like invoices, waybills, inspection report, challans etc. They also take care of all site expenses, budgeting, cash disbursements, billing, attendance, MIS etc.

What is EPC / Projects / O&M Administration?

Are you able to manage the site requirements like diesel, labor, construction tools, machinery or other services? Are your site resources like site-in charges, engineers, project heads or other staff facing the lodging, right food and transportation challenges? As most of the EPC / O&M projects are in remote areas you need an administrator to help arrange and manage these bases but critical requirements to facilitate your core business.

What we do in EPC / Projects / O&M Administration?

We deploy an experienced professional in the area of site administration who efficiently arranges / managed these site requirements as per the blue-print or pre-defined project plan. This resource minimizing the wastage of resources by creating a usage log and buffer stock. This avoids any delays caused due to short of material / labour / other resources.

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