Nidhi CompanyRegistration


Package Inclusion :

  • DSC (7 DSC)
  • DIN for 3 Directors
  • Company Name Reservation (1 Run)
  • Spice Form / MOA & AOA (1 Spice)
  • Corporate Identification Number (CIN)
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank Account Opening template
  • Free Call by CA about the Compliance requirement
  • Assistance in Nidhi Company Software

(Note – Govt. Fees Estimated as per ROC Mumbai )

Nidhi CompanyRegistration

What is Nidhi Company Registration?

Nidhi company registration is the process of incorporating a type of NBFC called Nidhi.This NBFC is also known as Mutual Benefit Finance Company. Starting a Nidhi company is one of the best options for people who want to commence a finance business with low capital investment.

A Nidhi company, also known as Nidhi Bank aims to cultivate the habit of savings and thrift amongst its members.Its main area of operation is borrowing and lending of funds.As per the rules,it can only make transactions with its registered members and within the permitted district of work.

The Nidhi Company is registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and regulated by the Companies Act 2013. The registration process is comparatively easy in comparison to registration processes of other NBFCs.

In this NBFC, there are no eligibility criteria for a minimum qualification of Directors. Additionally, this category of NBFC does not require the approval of Reserve Bank of India for incorporation.It is mandatory that every Nidhi company has to end their name with “Nidhi Ltd.”

Requirements for Nidhi Company Registration Online

Requirement before the Incorporation Period
  • Minimum number of shareholders- 7
  • Minimum number of Directors -3
  • The minimum capital requirement is of Rs. 5 lakhs
  • DIN for Directors
Requirement after the Incorporation Period
  • The minimum number of shareholders must be 200 at the end of the 1st year
  • Net owned fund should be more than Rs. 10 lakhs
  • The ratio for net owned funds to deposit should be more than 1:20
  • Unencumbered deposits should be more than 10 % of outstanding deposits

Benefits of Nidhi Company Registration

Separate Legal Existence

It has a separate legal entity as from its promoters and shareholders. Nidhi Company can acquire property on its name and also incur debts.

Limited liability

The liability of directors and managers is limited as per The Companies Act 2013.

Perpetual Existence

It has a perpetual existence; it is not affected by death or departure of any one or all of its shareholders.

Ease of Management

Executing changes in Nidhi Company is more comfortable in comparison to other NBFCs.

Credibility in market

The Ministry of Corporate affairs regulates Nidhi Companies. Hence, it is considered more credible as compared to other similar institutions controlled by state governments.

Nidhi Company Registration Process

KYC of all the Directors and Shareholders

Minimum 7 Members and 3 Directors required. Directors and Members can be the same.

Digital Signature

Digital signature (DSC) is a basic requirement to initiate the Nidhi Company Registration procedure as all the forms are submitted should be self-attested

Name Approval

The Proposed name of the Name of Nidhi company must be unique and it should not be similar. The name can be reserved through Reserve Unique Name (RUN) facility

Final Incorporation (MOA &AOA; )

Once the name is approved the Nidhi Company Registration application is submitted in SPICe Form along with Nidhi company’s Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association. After proper inspection of the application, COI is issued.


PAN and TAN applications can be done along with Nidhi Company Registration as it is included in the SPICe Form.

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