Forensic Technology Services

Package Inclusion :

  • Forensic Data analysis containing data management, data analysis, dashboards and advance analytics.
  • Computer Forensics containing Disk Imaging, data recovery, keyword search and incidental requirement.
  • Discovery Management including E-Discovery.
  • Support for investigations and disputes.

Forensic Technology Services

Forensic Technology Services

The evolving corporate landscape has increased the importance and complexity of the IT infrastructure and its associated data. While it has turned into a boon in increasing efficiency and productivity as compared to paper guaranteed world.

Challenges faced in managing electronic documents

Our team has dedicated Forensic Technology lab which enables the recovery and use of digital evidence to support investigation and litigation which the help of following tools:

These tools will help to extract, transform and visualize the data with the help of any device and which is in any other format. These tools can also help to establish whether the evidences has been erased ,modified and analyze electronic content and patterns of internet and email usage, which will also help recover deleted data, assess and explain meta data within the recovered files.

Key services provided by us


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