Change in Registered Office


Package Inclusion :

  • Change in Registered Office.
  • Hassle free shifting of registered office within a state.
  • Roc fees of shifting of registered office with a state.
  • End to end follow-ups with ROC.

Change in Registered Office

Change in Registered Office 

Registered office of a company is an address which is displayed next to company name for the general public, shareholders and customers point of view and is a principal place for the business activities of any business. Place of the registered office of the company is to be decided by the promoters of that company. Also, registered place of a business need not be the commercial establishment; it can be a living home as well.

Why is it necessary to have registered place of a company?

There are many reasons to have a registered place of business for some of them are

The Mode of Change in a registered place of a company

There are circumstances which creates the need to change the registered place of a company, which can be done by various modes, as follows:

There are separate procedures followed to change the registered place of a company in all modes to change the registered place of company. Prescribed forms need to file with Registrar of Companies (ROC) as per the need arise.

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