Section 8 company Registration

Package Inclusion :

  • DSC & DIN
  • Company Name Reservation
  • MoA & AoA
  • Central Govt. License
  • NGO Identification No 
  • All India Validity 
  • ROC Fees as per NCT of Delhi. 

Section 8 company Registration

What is Section 8 Company Registration in India?

An NGO can be registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013 or as a trust under the Trust Act 1882 or as a society under the Societies Act 1860.Section 8 Company Registration is the process of incorporation of an NGO under the Companies Act 2013.

A section 8 Company can be registered for promoting Art, Science, Commerce, Technology, Sports, Education, Social Research, Social Welfare, Religion, Charity and Protection of Environment etc. A Section 8 Company can work anywhere in India after succesful completion of the registration process.


Section 8 Company Registration Fee in India

The Registration fees for Section 8 company registration is as follows

Requirement and Compliances Under Section- 8 Company Registration in India

Annual Compliances for Section 8 companies as per the Companies Act 2013

The annual compliances of section 8 company are just like the other companies.

Documents Required for Section 8 Company Registration in India

Following documents are required for Section 8 Company registration:
  • PAN Card of the Directors and Shareholders
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Latest Bank Statement
  • Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill
  • Voter ID or Passport or Driving license
  • Passport size photograph of all the directors and shareholders
  • Copy of the Rental agreement, in case the property is on rent for the registered office

There are certain advantages of registering an NGO or NPO under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. Some of them are as follows:

No minimum capital

There is no minimum capital requirement for a Section 8 Company Registration in India.

Tax Benefits

There are numerous tax benefits under the Section 8 Company Registration in India.

No Stamp Duty

No stamp duty is imposed on the incorporation of Section 8 Company in India as it is against the provision of the payment of stamp duty on the MoA and AoA of the private limited company.

Separate Legal Identity

Section 8 Company registration has a separate legal entity. It acquires a distinct legal identity from its members.

Exemption to the donators

Under Section 80G, the exemption is granted to the donators if the section 8 company is registered under section 80G.

How to apply for Section 8 Company registration in India?

Prepare DSC and file Name Approval

The very first step for Section 8 company registration is to prepare DSC. Apply for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as soon as possible. Section 8 companies should contain words like Foundation, Society, Association, Council, Club, charities, Academy, organisation, Federation, Institute, Chamber of Commerce, Development and many more.

Apply for Section 8 Company registration license from Regional Director, MCA (INC-12)

After Name approval, we will apply for Section 8 company registration license from Regional director. The regional director will review the objectives, plans and will grant a permit for Section 8 Company registration. RD usually takes 15 days to issue a license to operate as a section 8 company.

Filing of Section 8 Incorporation Forms on MCA Portal

After getting approval from the regional director, we will proceed to file the section 8 company registration application with the requisite documents before ROC. Once all clarifications are provided to ROC, the ROC shall issue a Certificate of Incorporation along with a Company Identification Number (CIN).

MoA and AoA file submission

Once you get the License, you need to draft the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA) to file section 8 company registration applications. The Object of the company will be detailed in the MoA and the rules, and the by-laws will be mentioned in the AoA.

PAN, TAN and Bank Account

You must have your PAN, TAN and bank account ready while going for Section- 8 Company registration in India.

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