Supply Chain Management

Package Inclusion :

  • Creating Orders
  • Updating Orders
  • PO Budgeting
  • Goods Receiving
  • Inventory Update
  • Inventory Purchase
  • Inventory Returns
  • Inventory Sales
  • Audit of Freight Expenses

Supply Chain Management

What is Supply Chain Management?

As supply chains Management become challenging function for a company, effectiveness of supply chain department is not only a key differentiator across industries, but also broadly impact a company's cost structure, customer retention working capital, profit and operational Excellency. Despite having advanced technological platforms developed in past 2 decade and large amounts of big data, most companies are challenged by average performance of supply chain department.

What is Order Management?

Your sales people have done a great job and now is the time to support them by fulfilling the orders well in time. Technology is a great help today as most of our work is organized and put in a predefined process flow. Your basic information, if put correctly, on order will help smooth function and delivery of your customer needs. Most of our payments to vendors are delayed due to discrepancy in Purchase Orders.

What we do in Order Management?

Let us get all the required information from your vendors and procurement team while setup a Purchase Order so that your inventory is updated correctly and your accounting team get the updated PO when receiving vendor invoices.

What is Goods Receiving process?

Are your procurement staff working hard getting the inventory updated in your accounting ERP? Does your Accounts Payable team chase your sales / procurement team for Goods Receiving not showing on the Purchase Orders? Most of our payments are delayed majorly due to delay in Goods Receiving.

What we do in Goods Receiving?

After the service completion or the quality check of the goods received our team can update goods receiving in the accounting ERP system against the corresponding Purchase Order.

What is Stock Reconciliation?

Do you use POS? Are you managing your inventories, sales information electronically? Do you struggle reconciling reports of sales and stock register? Let us define simple ways to get reconciliation in minutes.

What we do in Stock Reconciliation?

We take the reports in the required format, design new formats if required and use different technological tools to get a real time / periodic reconciliation and make it available for you for better decision making.

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