Trust (NGO) Registration

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Trust (NGO) Registration

What is NGO?

NGO or Non Governmental Organizations are a non-profit organization that is incorporated to support the underprivileged section of the society. It works for the advancement of different issues like social, cultural, legal, environmental, art, science, etc. As the name Non-Government Organization suggests, they are operated by citizens on voluntary initiatives without any interference from central or state governments.

What is the Need for NGO Registration?

You are recommended to get the NGO Registration done if you are willing to establish a non-profit organization and work with an objective towards the betterment or advancement of any particular section of the society. Getting NGO Registration provides legal authority to the entity and makes it more credible in the eyes of the law and contributors.

In India one can go for NGO registration in three legally possible ways;

As all three NGO models are regulated by separate acts there are many distinct features of every model. One can choose a working model based on their personal requirement and preference, along with scale and diversity of operations. We will discuss this in detail in this article to ensure some clarity for you.

What is the NGO Registration Procedure in India?

Here, we have provided a glimpse of the registration procedure for NGO all the available legal entities.

Trust Registration Procedure in India

As per Indian trust Act following are the minimum requirement as a Trust in India;

Section 8 Company Registration Procedure in India

If you are planning for registering a NGO in the form of a Section 8 Company, then there are certain additional formalities that are required to be met with. Following steps are involved in the form of a Section 8 Company:

Documents Required for Section 8 Company Registration

What are the Factors Influencing the Choice of Model for NGO Registration

In current world many good Samaritans are realizing the need and value of upliftment of underprivileged and recognition of other important social causes. With an intention to help large section of society is engaging in social causes and plans to set up nonprofit organizations.

In the process of NGO registration, the first crucial decision among many is to choose the type of model among trust, society and Section 8 Company. As we have discussed earlier, there are multiple options available and one is required to narrow down their choice. This choice is influenced by many factors which we will discuss in brief here.

Following factors play a vital role in choosing the legal status for NGO:

Documents Required for Trust Registration

The documents needed for registration of Trust are as follows;
  • Details of Trustees, such as; name, designation, contact information, email address, father’s name of trustees, two photographs
  • Address proofs of trustees and settlers. It may include the voter’s ID, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Electricity/house tax/water bill or ownership proof of the property
  • In case of rented property, the following documents are required includes rent deed/agreement, NOC from landlord on a stamp paper worth Rs. 10, name of landlord, father’s name, address
  • Also, the physical presence of settlers and two witnesses is a mandatory with original ID proofs at the time of registration
Documents Required for Registering a Society

The following documents are required for Society Registration;

  • A covering letter to the government making a request to form
  • Memorandum of Association {MOA}
  • Copy of rules and regulations of the Society
  • A list of all the members of the Society
  • Office bearer’s affidavit
  • Residential proofs of all the members
  • NOC from the landlord or proof of address in case of rented property

Once all the above required pre-requisites are met with you can proceed by following these basic steps;


Draft the Trust Deed


Choose an appropriate name for your NGO


Determine the settler, minimum 2 trustees and a clear definition of who will be the beneficiary.


Prepare the MOA and by-laws and execute a proper trust deed containing all the key provisions and clauses.


Finally, the Trust Deed must be signed by all the trustees and settlor and registered with the Local Registrar of the area in which registered office of the NGO is located.

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