Legal Process Outsourcing

Package Inclusion :

  • Intellectual Property Rights matter
  • Drafting of application & filing
  • Document Review and Analysis
  • Contracting and Administration
  • Legal Research and formation of Legal Advice
  • Paralegal Services
  • Legal Transcription
  • Document Management
  • Legal Coding

Legal Process Outsourcing

What is Legal Process Outsourcing?

Legal Process Outsourcing (popularly known as LPO) is a practice in which a law firm or corporation obtains legal services from an external law firm or a legal process outsourcing provider.

Usually, corporate houses situated in the countries of USA, UK and Europe outsource their legal work to countries that are less expensive since the lawyers in these countries are quite expensive. By outsourcing the legal work, these corporates save huge costs that could have been spent on legal work.

India is one of the most sought-after destinations for outsourcing legal work. The LPO sector is growing enormously in India, and many investors desire for entering into this sector.

Why India for Legal Process Outsourcing?

There are many reasons why leading countries choose India for outsourcing legal work:

Pricing Models used by LPOs

Measuring Outsourcing cost

It is vital for the company to see as to whether the outsourcing of legal work will be profitable for it or not. It can check the same via following steps:


Legal Process Outsourcing to India has become a sought-after option for many organizations in developed nations. This is more for the reason that quality legal work is assured at lower prices in India and the organizations save on the exorbitant fee of the attorneys and law firms in their home country.

Our team of legal experts has years of experience in handling legal work for our foreign clients. They are trained routinely on the developments of the law of the country with which they are dealing.

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