Global Documentation

Package Inclusion :

  • Printing Solutions
  • Solutions Focusing
  • Document creation and outsourcing
  • Electronic and Commercial Printing
  • Mailing and Fulfillment
  • Archiving and Storage Services
  • Financial Services and Insurances Services
  • Outsourcing and Marketing Strategy

Global Documentation

Global Documentation

Global Documentation comprises providing support to comply with the local & global document requirements and establishing a reliable line of option.

Global Documentation includes the following services

  1. Statement Process Management
  2. Lifecycle Management
  3. Customer Retention Management
  4. Information Management

Worldwide management and support

Global documentation also includes worldwide management and support which helps the multinational organizations which includes

Benefits of Global Documentation

1. Customization and Optimization

It includes integration with the current application and platform. We can tailor made device firmware for simple navigation, creating shortcuts on the device to eradicate steps required for completing tasks.

2. Implementation Services

It helps the enterprise to develop and install integrated network devices which is most convenient to the businesses.

It also includes secure methods to roll out all hardware and software services to protect the network from outside threats.

3. Comprehensive Training

It helps in providing training for seamless change management which includes direct end user training which enables staff to utilize the full device and software functionality as well as monitoring and managing consumables in the device area.

4. Hardware and Software Support

It provides hardware and software support which ensures that the firmware are updated throughout the product lifecycles , advanced remote management tools which helps to provide report on device usage status, consumables and other vital information.

5. Other Consultancy Services

This helps the businesses with the professional expertise to enhance existing applications , creating advanced workflows that helps to address specific document imaging and workflow needs

Key Services Provided by us

1) Provide assistance in preparing core documentation process that can be used globally and also guide with the additional documentation which is required in a particular country. This helps to take consistence decisions and helps to reduce overall cost compliance.

2) We have an integrated team of professionals which guide to adopt and review the TP documentation requirements.

3) Our team consists of global network of professionals which includes specialized inputs from the respective local jurisdictions to assist in adhering to global documentation requirements.

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