Public Limited Company


Package Inclusion :

  • Search of Trademark & Name Availability
  • Three DSC & DIN 
  • Name Reservation
  • MOA , AOA and Other documents
  • MCA & Govt. Fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation(CIN)
  • Company Pan & Tan
  • Documents Pick up & Drop facility

Note: GST will be extra on professional fees.


Public Limited Company

Public limited company can be registered with minimum 3 director and  7 members and there is no limit for maximum number of Members since the fund can be raised through public by way of issuing share through prospectus, however, the maximum number of directors a Public Company can have is confined upto 15 directors in accordance with the provisions of Companies Act, 2013.Along with having all the advantages of private Limited Company it is also having the better access to Capital,  Such as raising share capital from existing and new Investor ,i.e. raising fund from public, either launching the IPO or FPO of shares lead to carry on trading on stock exchange freely if it’s registered with stock exchange that means the company is listed or through way of issuing prospectus if the company is Unlisted Public Company. Moreover, this company can be started up just with the paid-up capital of Rs. 5,00,000 /-. However, it’s not a mandatory requirement to employ this much capital due to the evasion made by law for the same but its recommendatory requirement that one should bring at least this much capital with oneself to have such an affluent status of a Public Company as it helps to induce public to invest more in your company.

From Directors and Shareholders
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Scanned Copy of PAN
  • Scanned Copy of Adhar Card/ Passport/ Election Card/ 
  • Scanned Copy of Latest Bank Statement /Utility Bill ( Electricity Bill /Telephone Bill )


For Proposed Registered Address (Residential/Commercial)
  • Scanned Copy of Rent Agreement (For Rented Premises)
  • Scanned Copy of NOC from Landlord/ Owner
  • Scanned Copy of Electricity Bill



Its Existence will be uninterrupted, as the Death or departure of Member or the director of the Company shall hardly affect the existence of the company. A Company will be continuing irrespective of change of membership or directorship subject to the limits prescribed for the same.


Liability of Share of Shareholder of company is limited upto unpaid share amount due upon them of their total holding and regarding any other debt only upto the proportion of their shareholding. They shall not be liable for any further debt of the company beyond debt.


Shares of Public limited company are freely transferable providing the more liquidity to its shareholders, as the fund can be raised through public in the case of this company by way of issuing prospectus, where the Public Company may either be a Listed Entity or an Unlisted Entity.


Unlike Proprietorship or Partnership firms, Private Limited Companies are considered as separate legal entities since, the Benefits & the liabilities of the company and directors are severely considered, as the benefits and the liabilities of the company can’t be treated as if it is of the directors and vice-versa.


A public company can apprise its brand orientation easily to general public since it has the option to raise fund through public, moreover, it does have the choice to get its shares listed on a stock exchange that can help this type of company to saturate its brand name in wide.

Required Information & Documents

We collect all the required Information and the documents, which is required for Company Registration and start the process.

Digital Signature & DIN of Director

Second step is to obtain the DSC & DIN of each Director.

Trademark & Name Availability Search

Thirdly, after satiating that no infringement shall be made under Trademark Act for choosing the proposed name, the said name application shall be filed to the registrar of the Company for getting the approval of the said name.

Preparation of Documents (MOA & AOA) of Company

Immediately after obtaining the name approval, all the required documents pertaining to incorporation shall be uploaded for Final Submission to the registrar of Company.

Company Incorporation

Finally, Certificate of Incorporation along with the other supporting documents, viz. MOA, AOA PAN & TAN Acknowledgement evidencing Incorporation of Company shall be provided to the concerned party next day after incorporation.

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Public Limited Company One Person Company Private Limited Company
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Limited Liability Protection Yes Yes Yes
Dividend Tax Few Benefits Dividend Tax Yes
Perpetual Existence Yes Yes Yes
Statutory Compliance's High Medium High
Credibility High Medium High
Business Growth High Medium High
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